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by Pure Filtration Products Admin October 15, 2018

Well Hello World! This if my first attempt at this blogging thing, so bear with me. What will I be blogging about you ask? We'll, one of the most intriguing subjects in the universe...filters. 

Air Filters, water filters, HEPA filters, bag filters, box filters, pleated filters and so much more...I feel you on the edge of your seat already. So buckle up everyone, you are in for an exciting ride!

Let's start with the basics ~ air filters: What is the purpose of the air filter? Back before the dawn of time, filters were used to reduce the risk of fire by protecting the heating system from dust, dirt and other environmental debris. The filters that were used as the early 1930's were loose mats made with various materials that included fiberglass, animal and synthetic fibers, metal mesh and various non-flammable materials that were on hand.

Fast-forward  lot of the same materials are still used today, but have been updated better serve the demands of the new HVAC (Heating/Ventilation/Air-Conditioning) units that are being installed. In the 1980's and 1990's the focus also shifted from equipment protection to air quality and thus began the IAQ (Indoor Air Quality) revolution.

Join me next time as we continue with saga of the ever evolving wonder that is...filtration.

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Pure Filtration Products Admin
Pure Filtration Products Admin