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PreVent® Air Filter Screen for Cottonwood Protection

Dust, cottonwood seeds, environmental debris and are continually coating and insulating your equipment’s coils, condensers, electronic systems, motors, fins and other components that fall in the path of the equipment’s air intake. Even if foreign objects are not visible, the buildup of airborne particles will impact the equipment’s ability to work efficiently and require repeated maintenance for cleaning. Dirty equipment means efficiency decreases, heat build-ups, higher discharge pressure and increased amp draw. When forced to run for longer cycle times, at reduced capacity, the equipment eventually breaks down, life expectancy decreases and power costs escalate. Permatron’s patented equipment protection air filters catch debris before it can enter the air intake fins or louvers. Made of permanent, washable synthetic, UV protected fabric media, which draws in and traps airborne particulates. PreVent air intake screens are available with either electrostatic polypropylene media or a heavy-duty PVC coated polyester high abrasion media. Enhanced by airflow and custom fit, our air filters need no electrical connection or system modifications. PreVent air filters for intakes will not restrict air flow to the equipment. 

Fast and Easy Installation with NEW MagnaMount®

Eliminating the need to drill into equipment, MagnaMount Air Intake Screen Installation mount clips contain a powerfully strong neodymium “earth” magnet that sticks to metal surfaces, allowing PreVent air intake screens to be repositioned as needed.


HailStop® Hail Guard for Hail Protection

Some states average 1,000 hail events per year. These events cause millions of dollars of serious damage to HVAC equipment. Hail flattens fins and impairs operation. Bent fins on air conditioner coils can significantly increase your cooling costs. The reason for this is when the fins are bent, air cannot flow through the coil as efficiently. If the fins are bent severely enough, all airflow can be blocked, motors and compressors are strained and power consumption rises. Many multi-story buildings are designed so that air conditioning equipment can be placed on the roof shielded by decorative walls. However, that doesn’t mean that the air conditioner is adequately protected. Condensing units, chillers, cooling towers and exhaust fans can suffer damage from hail, lightning, and high velocity winds. HailStop Hail Guard Netting is an easy cut-to-fit retrofit solution that stops hail from flattening air intake fins.


Commercial Air Filter Preventative Maintenance Saves Money

HVAC systems can be the biggest challenge for facility management. They tend to be the most complicated system within a building, and make up the largest portion of the facility budget. Minor malfunctions tend to be the most noticeable among building occupants and processes. Well-maintained equipment costs less to operate, ensures optimal life expectancy and energy efficiency. By using the right commercial air filter, you can be sure that your equipment delivers consistent high-level performance and alleviates the need for unnecessary service calls and warranty claims. Permatron’s air intake products come in a wide range of models including flexible, rigid or 3-dimensional styles with various types of filter media that saves money in the long run, reduces downtime and enables a more predictable stream of financial outlays and maintenance costs.