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Note: This is an example of a similar process to ours. We do not follow this process exactly.

Brands Cleaned

• Donaldson
• Napa
• Wix
• Fleetguard
• Baldwin
• Caterpillar
• John Deere
• Hyster
• Torit
• Don’t see yours…just ask!

Key Offerings

We have the ability to save your company time and money. Still not convinced? Let us prove it to you; we will test and clean one of your filters for free. You can then compare your cleaned filter to a new one. Your Sales Representative will even do a cost saving analysis for you.

If this demo isn’t enough, ask about our Pure Care Pilot program. We will start out cleaning one type of filter, such as a cab filter. We will clean it for 3-4 months to show the effectiveness and cost savings of our service.

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